Inquiries about the DB Provisions, Retirement Planner, and pension-related correspondence should be directed to The Hospital for Sick Children Pension Centre 

  • Toll-free:  1-855-881-1845
    8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Monday to Friday



Note:  If you are currently a full or part-time employee, pension estimates can only be run based on your current classification (i.e., standard hours worked per week).  Running projections based on a future change in your SickKids full-time equivalent is currently not available.

If you are currently classified as a Casual employee you cannot run pension estimates through the Retirement Planner as you do not have an assigned number of working hours.

Contact Aon Hewitt at 1-855-881-1845 with questions related to the DB Retirement Planner.​